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Packaging for a Stent Delivery System

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies around the world trust AQF Medical to protect their products with sterilisable, cost-effective, protective packaging. Sterility and its maintenance are key concerns for device manufacturers and the sterile barrier system is an essential part of a sterile medical device.

One of the most challenging medical devices to design protective packaging for is the stent delivery system. These systems are designed to be reliable, easy to use and precise when delivering the stent. A major challenge for stent delivery system manufacturers is the size, weight, and design of the delivery system. Often these devices are large, heavy and have a number of protruding parts. This can prove very demanding when designing the sterile barrier system.

AQF Medical were tasked by one of it’s customers to design an innovative foam tray that would securely protect the stent delivery system within the sterile barrier package. Some of the design requirements included;

  • Securely hold the stent delivery system within the package during transportation
  • Protect the sterile barrier package from sharp or protruding components
  • Allow for quick & easy removal by the physician of the stent delivery system from the package
  • Be suitable for ETO and Gamma sterilisation processes
  • Cater for different length of stents within one design

AQF Medical engineers designed and manufactured a low cost innovative foam tray that met all of the design input requirements. The design using custom thermoformed and die-cut foam components provided the necessary protection for the stent delivery system, but also provided the rigidity and stability to protect the sterile barrier package also.