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Orthopaedic Implant Packaging Solution

A significant amount of innovation goes into the engineering of surgical orthopaedic implants. This innovation may be considered worthless if the packaging design for the orthopaedic implant fails to meet regulatory and industry standards. The design of the packaging must also meet manufacturing, sterilisation, cost, and surgeon needs.

AQF Medical have a long history in designing and manufacturing foam packaging components for the orthopaedic industry. Orthopaedic implants can prove difficult to package due to the weight, design, size and sterilisation requirements of the implant.  In a recent innovation workshop with one of its customers AQF Medical were tasked with the challenge of designing and manufacturing an innovative foam packaging concept that would be suitable for orthopaedic implants. The goal was to have one packaging concept that would cater for multiple sizes and designs of implants. The key requirements of the new foam packaging design included;

  • Foam packaging concept to cater for multiple sizes and designs of implants
  • Foam packaging concept to be compatible with sterile barrier packaging
  • Allow for quick & easy access to implant by the surgeon
  • Be suitable for ETO and Gamma sterilisation processes
  • Foam material could be either compression moulded or die-cut
  • Packaging concept to be easily adapted by customer production lines
  • Foam material to be closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam

With the collaboration of both the AQF Medical and their customer’s engineering teams a unique and flexible packaging solution was designed. Prototypes were manufactured within a two week time-frame and validation units were produced 4 weeks later. Tooling costs were kept to a minimum due to the unique features of the packaging concept whereby all implants were catered for using a single foam packaging component.