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Robotic Drape Systems

AQF Medical manufacture a range of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) drapes and robotic covers. These highly flexible TPU films offer a wide range of movement to ensure the precision and accuracy required by surgical robots in the operating room.

Robotic surgery involves the use of the latest technology and innovation in the medical device sector to conduct minimally invasive surgical operations.

Robotic covers lower contamination risk to healthcare professionals. These highly flexible drapes & covers facilitate the precision and accuracy of surgical robots in the operating room environment.

Why use TPU?

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a high strength, aromatic biomedical polymer with an impressive combination of mechanical properties and biological compatibility. With its excellent mechanical, puncture and abrasion properties, TPU is an ideal material for use in many medical device applications. Design engineers are increasingly choosing TPU for medical applications, thanks to the material’s desirable chemical properties, excellent mechanical characteristics and biocompatibility.

AQF Medical design and manufacture custom drapes & robotic arm covers including;

Key Products

  • Surgical Equipment Covers

  • Robotic Drape Systems

  • C-Arm Drapes

  • Foot Switch Drapes

  • Microscope Drapes

  • Fluoroscope Drapes

  • Fluid Collection Pouches

Processing Flexibility

While there are many grades of TPU to choose from, processing flexibility is a consistent feature of TPU regardless of which chemistry is selected. This provides medical device design engineers with numerous packaging alternatives as the TPU can be injection-moulded, thermoformed, die-cut, and welded into multiple shapes and sizes. The AQF Medical engineering team are available to assist customers with material selection and product packaging design .

Robotic TPU

Disposable robotic surgical drapes are custom designed for patient safety in minimally invasive robotic surgeries, computer assisted surgeries and robotic assisted surgeries.

These disposable drapes & covers offer excellent flexibility, tear resistance, and customised fit.