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Medical Wound Debridement

Debridement is the removal of foreign material, devitalised tissue, or contaminated tissue from the wound bed. Debridement is an important procedure that greatly affects how a wound will heal. Necrotising tissue has a negative effect on wound healing. Removal by medical intervention is often necessary.  Many wound dressings provide sufficient debridement without further intervention.

Medical Debridement

Mechanical debridement is a method that uses an external force to separate the necrotic tissue from the wound bed. This may be painful and removes non-viable as well as viable tissue. Methods include wet to dry dressings, scrubbing, whirlpool, and irrigation. Contraindications for mechanical debridement would be epithelializing and granulating wounds. The contact area of a foam mechanical wound debridement device is nonadherent and non-linting.

Open Cell Polyurethane

Open cell polyurethane foams can potentially play a role in mechanical wound debridement. These open cell foams come in a range of varying densities. Polyurethane foams are soft and breathable, generally more flexible and can more easily conform to the wound bed.

negative-pressure-wound-therapy-foams close up

Filters can be manufactured using reticulated foams with porosity ranging from 10ppi to 100 ppi (pores per inch). Filters can be single wall or double wall design and different porosity foams can be combined to achieve specific filtration characteristics. Reticulated foams are entirely open cell and do not contain any closed cells, making them ideal for in-depth filtration. The consistent open structure ensures reproducible filtration efficiency.


Common Uses

AQF Medical employee using welding technology on blood filtration foam


The porosity of reticulated foam is critical when designing a blood filter device and the AQF Medical engineering team are available to assist you with your material selection. We use different welding technologies such as Heat-Seal, RF and Ultrasonic welding to create filters of different shapes and sizes. AQF Medical filters are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom environment and our manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified.